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Rapha CC: Coffee Talk with Emily Haddad

Emily Haddad manages Rapha’s San Francisco Cycle Club and just did a great interview about her love of bikes, coffee, and the city. She also talked a bit about women’s cycling! Read the full article for more of her great comments, but here’s a tidbit:

I read recently that in order to judge the safety of a city’s cycling infrastructure one only need look at the amount of women commuting by bike. If that’s true, then the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is doing an incredible job. I see so many women cruising around town by bicycle every day. When I ride over the bridge into Marin, I’m always amazed how many women are out there on their road bikes. The racing community in California is so strong. These women are tough and fast and drop me on every climb. It’s empowering and embarrassing at the same time.

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