Bike Ladies Unite!

This is a blog about cycling while feminist, celebrating the joy and empowerment of women riding bikes. It seeks to represent women of all ages, colors, sizes, abilities and identities, from first-time riders to world champions, fixed gear freestylers to singletrack slayers.

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The wordier bits

Interview With a Bike Lady, an ongoing series where I ask different female cyclists on tumblr the same five questions. If you are a female-identified cyclist and would like to participate, please email me here.

Ben Greenwood Explains To Women Why No One Cares About Our Cycling Events, on the semi-pro cyclist’s laughably sexist (though apparently earnest) blog post regarding what we ladies can do to get more media attention for our sport. Spoiler: he thinks we’re too slutty.

Wrenched Out, on Chrome Industries’ very conscious decision to almost completely ignore women in the first issue of its zine Wrenched.

Cash Money Stereotype Threat, on how anxiety about being a female cyclist almost prevented me from finishing my first alleycat. Don’t worry, it ends happily. 

And Sometimes Great Things Happen Too, a short note on being pleasantly surprised by a male mechanic’s vote of confidence in female cyclists. 

Winter Riding, a submission from Finnish reader galinette about how to ride warmly and comfortably in the harshest of winters.